Business Service Center (BSC) & Facilities Management Service (FMS)

GOGO has the ability to provide a full business service center, including copy, print, mail and fax complete with packing and shipping capabilities. This service can manage your large capital investments in equipment while providing state-of-the-art documents and saving you money. GOGO utilizes a web based job management and file transfer system that allows your team of professionals and administrators to send projects electronically from their desktops. GOGO can take on any business center project using our management of high-volume digital print equipment and providing a total print strategy.

We can “right size” your fleets in order to obtain the best leasing and operational agreements, and manage the operation and maintenance of your fleet while maintaining a very competitive cost structure. GOGO’s facilities management service focuses on delivering cost savings and improving customer service.

The program basics:

  • Develop and manage of a document management strategy
  • Procurement of copiers and printers that fit into a strategy
  • Maintenance and upkeep of copiers and printers
  • Continued right-sizing of fleet and number of copies purchased in maintenance program
  • One centralized vendor

If you are interested, we would be glad to provide a consultative meeting to fact find and review your current practices in order to provide a full assessment of your business center options.

We work hard to make your lives easier and allow more time to focus on your core business.